Energy Monitoring Unit

Energy Monitoring Unit (EMU)

Energy Monitoring Unit (EMU) was established on development side  in Finance Department back in Nov 2004, operating as a Wing under the Finance Department, is tasked with the “at-source adjustment” of electricity dues incurred by provincial government departments. They achieve this by utilizing funds received from PESCO as Electricity Duty (ED) on behalf of Provincial Government.

Their responsibilities encompass verifying bills, ensuring accuracy, and making payments or adjustments within the due date to prevent late payment surcharges (LPS), resulting in significant cost savings for the government. One of its main functions is to exercise efficient management of expenditures, effective control of funds, physical verification / monitoring relates to Govt: Departments electricity connections.

To monitor the overall affairs related to PESCO and establish a strong working relationship between PESCO and the Provincial Government to ensure the prompt resolution of all issues.

Functions of EMU

These shall include the following:

  1. Proposals for Budgetary allocation in electricity heads.
  2. Vetting demands of funds for clearance of electricity dues.
  3. Monitoring and reconciliation of PESCO Billing/Payment and arrears against Provincial Govt: Departments.
  4. Verification of assessment charges debited in the bills.
  5. Adjustment of reconciled dues against electricity duty.
  6. To obtain credit from PESCO on account of wrong / excessive billing and confirm its posting from computer output.
  7. Scrutiny and Verification of Audit Paras.
  8. To resolve billing / tariffs / technical disputes between PESCO and concerned Departments.
  9. Adjustment of lump sum amount paid to PESCO against electricity dues if any.

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